Hollywood star Jessica Biel confesses to eating in the shower

Hollywood actress Jessica Biel has admitted to a rather bizarre personal habit.

The 7th Heaven star and wife of Justin Timberlake says she loves to eat food in the shower.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Jessica Biel admits to bizarre shower habit.

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Biel said she found it “deeply satisfying” and thought of it as a form of multi-tasking, but not all of her followers were sold on the idea.

After sharing an Instagram post where she was eating food in a shower cubicle, fans flocked to her social media to bombard her with questions.

“I need her to explain how she eats ‘shower appropriate’ items without getting water in it?” one fan wondered.

So Biel decided to make a video to explain her unusual habit.

“Guys, thanks for all these questions about shower eating,” her video began.

“I’m just so thrilled everyone’s so interested.

“I really wanna, you know, start a movement, a shower eating movement.”

Biel said for people who need to multitask it was “a huge relief in so many ways”.

Jessica Biel likes to eat in the shower. Credit: Instagram/Jessica Biel

“So here’s my rules for shower eating,” she continued.

“A ledge is really helpful — something you can stick your cup, your yoghurt container, your coffee, your espresso, whatever it is you’re enjoying.

“I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge.

“And then you do your thing, you wash your hair, keep the soap out, that’s a big deal.

“It’s pretty simple, guys. You can do this.

“I find it deeply satisfying.

“The only tricky thing is when you’re chewing you gotta keep your mouth closed, cause I still like to get under the water while I’m chewing.

“There you go — enjoy your shower consuming.”

Jessica Biel explains her shower eating habits. Credit: @jessbiel

Being a wealthy Hollywood celebrity, Biel probably has a massive rain shower with lots of room to move around, so it would be easy to have a “ledge” that’s away from the water.

But what about those of us that have tiny little shower cubicles where everything on the ledge still gets wet?

Should one perhaps have a little table outside the shower with cups and food arranged on top, and you periodically pop half your body out of the shower for a sip or a chew?

The intricacies had some of Biel’s followers feeling unsure about the concept.

“No, no, no food in the bathroom!” said one.

“Drinks are fine.”

“Yeah … don’t know about that …” wrote another.

“I can’t even chew gum in the bathroom.”

“But the bread gets all soggy?” added a third.

‘I feel seen’

Others were already 100 per cent on board with Biel’s habit.

“Coffee while showering is life,” one fan said.

“I got four kids, they eat my food, I stand behind this 100 per cent since it’s the only place I have privacy,” wrote another.

“OMG, I’m not alone,” said a third.

“I feel seen.”

Jessica Biel, left, and with husband Justin Timberlake. Credit: Getty/Instagram (Jessica Biel)

Others were long-term fans of eating in the bath, which is admittedly easier to do without everything turning into soup.

One follower said they regularly ate pizza in the bath, while another ‘fessed up: “Currently eating a bag of Doritos in the bath while watching this.”

“I mean, I drink in the bath, so each to their own,” added one follower.

Wrote a third: “Of all the things I’ve ate (sic) while taking a bath, a full bowl of cereal with milk has to be the top of the list.”

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