How to remove stubborn makeup stains from white clothes: Aussie’s ‘life changing’ trick stuns

A celebrity fashion stylist has spilled his simple trick to get stubborn makeup stains out of white clothes in just three simple steps.

Donny Galella, from Sydney, made a video explaining how he uses dishwashing liquid and baby wipes to lift unsightly marks from shirts and blouses.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: How to remove stubborn makeup stains.

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This includes the grubby collar area, which is prone to foundation and bronzer.

“If you want to remove incredibly stubborn makeup stains from white shirts or blouses, look no further than your dishwashing liquid,” he said.

Using two collared shirts for the demonstration, Galella first adds a generous amount of dishwashing soap to the stained area.

Fashion stylist Donny Galella has spilled his simple trick to get stubborn makeup stains out of whites. Credit: Donny Galella

“Put a really good squirt on the stain and (using) lots of elbow grease, really work it into the fibres of the shirt, really massage it into the collar of the shirt, and you’ll see the stain lift right away,” Galella said.

Next, he uses fragrant-free baby wipes over the stain.

“I continue just to wipe the collar to collect the fibres of the shirt,” he said.

“Then I put them into the washing machine with a warm cycle.”

After the wash, his shirts appear as good as new.

“When they came out, I was pretty amazed with the results,” Galella said.

“They were pretty much almost as good as my mum’s washing.”

Many praised him for sharing the tip, with one saying: “OMG life changing — thank you!”

He uses dishwashing liquid and baby wipes to lift unsightly marks from shirt collars. Credit: Donny Galella

Earlier this month, Galella revealed the $6 item from Coles he used to transform his dirty white sneakers — making them look new again.

He explained how he restored whiteness to his Valentino Garavani shoes after using the Oakwood Instant Shoe Polish.

“If you want your sneakers to look a little bit whiter and brighter, I have found a $6 product that absolutely transformed my sneakers,” he said.

“This $6 shoe polish made my white sneakers look much better. I’m incredibly happy with the results.”

The first step is to clean your shoes.

After spraying the shoes with stain remover, he uses a cloth to wipe away the dirt.

“I use this stain remover just to give the shoes a really good clean,” he said.

A $6 Coles item transformed Galella’s dirty white sneakers. Credit: Donny Galella

Next, he applies the first coat of the shoe polish.

Galella transforms one shoe to show viewers how much whiter and brighter it is compared to the other one.

“I applied a second coat and you can see the difference between the shoes,” he said.

After applying the second coat, the shoes take between 20 to 30 minutes to completely dry.

“I used a hairdryer and it has come up beautifully,” he said.

“The product made my sneakers look new. I’m very happy. When you see them side-by-side, chef’s kiss.”

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