Sunrise star Monique Wright reveals the bizarre way she gave herself a black eye

Sunrise’s Monique Wright accidentally gave herself a black eye while heading a soccer ball.

The popular presenter revealed the awkward sporting accident on Sunrise on Tuesday, after watching an A-league report from Katie Brown.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Sunrise star Monique Wright reveals she gave herself a black eye heading a soccer ball.

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“Every time I see them do one of those headers, I think I can do it,” Monique confessed to the panel.

Katie coaxed bubbly Monique to “do it” — prompting her to reveal the accident.

Sunrise star Monique Wright on Tuesday revealed she accidentally gave herself a black eye while trying to head a soccer ball. Credit: Seven

“(I thought I could) but I gave myself a black eye doing it,” Mon said, laughing.

The confession brought laughter from the Sunrise panel, with Matt Doran saying netball skills “don’t translate” to the soccer field.

“If we have said it once we’ve said it a million times: E-grade netball does not translate,” Matt joked.

Monique had the Sunrise panel laughing over the unfortunate accident. Credit: Seven

Proving she took the accident in her stride, Mon finished the segment with a warning.

“Don’t try this at home,” she said.

Striking the soccer ball with the head is a highly-criticised part of the game, with clubs often trying to ban headers due to a concussion risk for players.

Mother-of-three Monique has previously said her sons are crazy about soccer. Credit: Seven

Monique, a well-respected journalist and mother-of-three, has previously mentioned her sons are crazy about soccer.

While speaking with Football Australia CEO James Johnson on Sunrise in December 2022, in the wake of a violent pitch invasion in Melbourne, Monique took a hard line — mentioning she often takes her kids to games.

“I have several sons who absolutely love their soccer but I wouldn’t take them to a game at the moment — so hopefully you can really get on top of that (pitch invasion),” she said.

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