Woolworths employees’ extraordinary act at checkout on Australia Day stuns shopper

A Woolworths shopper has detailed the heartwarming moment the supermarket paid for his family’s groceries — worth almost $200 — in a random act of kindness on Australia Day.

Clint — who was shopping with his wife and their one-and-a-half year old son — was scanning the grocery items at the self checkout at a western Sydney store when they were randomly approached by staff.

“We went to Woolies to do a shop for our family. We were at checkout when we were stopped by two Woolworths employees,” the dad tells 7NEWS.com.au.

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“They said, ‘Stop scanning, Woolworths is going to take care of this for you’.”

Their bill had reached $197.65 when they were told the supermarket would cover their groceries up to the value of $200.

“They advised us that Woolworths is selecting one customer per store today to pay for their groceries for Australia Day,” he says.

A Woolworths shopper has detailed the moment the supermarket paid for his family’s groceries worth almost $200 on Australia Day. Credit: Supplied to 7NEWS

However, 7NEWS understands the supermarket’s random act of kindness was not part of Australia Day.

With the rising cost of living, Clint says he feels extremely grateful for the supermarket’s act — which occurred after the two store employees selected him for the random act of kindness as part of a Woolies’ initiative.

“We felt quite shocked, as you normally only see these types of things on social media for likes — never did we think we would be the subject of it, let alone from the shop itself,” he says.

“We are very thankful and it definitely was appreciated, especially in this day and age, taking just a bit of an edge from our ever growing bills and cost of living.”

The family paid for the remaining items over $200.

“They just said the remaining items I would need to scan and pay for, which was $15.56,” Clint says.

“Caught us off guard but we are very appreciative.”

Woolies responds

A Woolworths spokesman says the customer’s free groceries are part of the supermarket’s initiative — with team members from more than 1000 stores choosing which shoppers to surprise and how.

“Every year from December to the end of the summer school holidays our stores give back to customers through our Season of Good Acts,” a Woolworths spokesman told 7NEWS.com.au.

“It can range from paying for someone’s groceries or giving a customer a free ham to enjoy at Christmas.

“It’s a way for our stores to say thank you to their customers and wider community.”

The supermarket chain has been under fire for weeks since 7NEWS.com.au revealed on January 10 that it was dumping Australia Day merchandise from Woolworths and BIG W stores nationally, with thousands accusing Woolies of being “unAustralian”.

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