Digital camera to buy from Amazon: Gen Z is obsessed with old-style digital cameras so this is my favourite pick of the bunch

If you’ve even vaguely scrolled down your For You page recently you’ve likely come into contact with some videos praising the use of digital cameras.

Gen Z content creators are obsessed with the slightly lesser-quality look of the imagery and how the flash gives the skin an all-over glow that their phones just can’t achieve.

Being a millennial I initially scoffed at this new trend, remembering the Olympus camera I’d often bring out to nightclubs aged 18 to snap a photo on the dancefloor. Was this really coming back in style?

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So I did some research and found myself wanting to give it a go for myself.

The camera plenty of youths were buying into is the Kodak Pixpro FZ 45 — which is run off AA batteries — and FZ 55 — which is the same thing but runs off a rechargeable battery instead.

The point-to-shoot camera, which you can pick up on Amazon for $204.17, has a powerful 16MP lens and uses red-eye removal to instantly touch up portraits.

Gen Z are using point-and-shoot cameras again. Credit: Instagram
Plenty of women are using digital cameras to up their selfie game. Credit: Instagram

The “force flash” is a favourite for Gen Z photography enthusiasts who use it to highlight their skin and features.

You’ll need an SD memory card to go along with it and an SD card reader to easily transfer photos directly from the camera to your phone, but these can also be picked up on Amazon.

What’s more, the camera is so light you can easily pop it in your handbag and head out without having to worry about the weight.

“I bought this to replace a similar one that I lost. I found this new one even easier to use and the review process simpler. Great little camera,” one woman wrote on Amazon.

Kodak Pixpro FZ 45. Credit: Amazon
The Kodak digital camera is my pick of the bunch. Credit: Instagram

“Easy to use and comes with a convenient charger,” said another.

A third added: “Really getting back into these point-and-shoot cameras and I love it”.

To pick up a camera before they sell out, head to Amazon here.

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